Even though the first written documents date 1800, this specific shoe, called “Friulana”, finds its origin further back in time.

staffettaiaThe “Friulane”, were initially manufactured by the able hands of women that used to produce these shoes for the entire household with a very ecological concept, as we would conceive it today. These shoes were made, only using left over fabrics, old dresses or cut outs, traditionally called “blecs”, moulding them in a design that has never changed throughout the years and that still today is modern. These shoes were initially used as festive and party wear by most of the population of the Friuli Venezia Julia region, later adopted also by the famous Venetian “gondoliers” during the eightieth century.

jeansThe project “CenCeTak” (with out heals) reintroduces this original example of timeless design and yet still original, made out of natural fabrics, recovering the original idea in the manufacturing, reusing and recycling, all components of the shoe, limiting the waste and helping with the protection of the environment.

cenceMade out of natural fabrics, and assembled still today only by sewing the pieces together without using glue, thanks to the experience of the Friulani craftsmen and craftswomen who still jealously preserve the technique and tradition. This project, 100% made in Italy, wants to conserve the excellence and quality of the original design typical of all crafts made in Italy. CenCeTak, offers a variety of “friulane” not only in velvet, silks, brocade, and recycled materials, but also in different styles.

cence2The CenCeTak embraces the authentic philosophy of slow life were the product is not subject to the, “creativity crushing” law of quantity. The CenCeTak want to contrast the uniformity and the flatness of globalisation, to sustain the diversity of the territory and enhance tradition. This is the reason many of the creations are made to measure and some are made with fabrics given by the clients in a continues creative exchange of ideas. In the collection Upcycling CenCeTak recycles “alternative” materials giving new life to fabrics created for other purposes. Without letting go of the charm and luxury, in the collection Atelier, the fabrics used are precious and enriched by cristals, or hand embodied making each piece original and unique.