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"Kuro" is a shoe made from the finest damask from the Far East. The colour black in Japanese culture is a symbol of introspection, strength and experience. An elegant shoe essential in every wardrobe and suitable for all occasions.

The loafer shape reminds us of 18th century Venetian footwear, it takes us back to the sumptuousness of the golden age of Venice.

As with all our shoes, these too can be enriched with accessories such as crystal brooches available in the section Accessories.

CenCeTak are handcrafted shoes also called scarpets or friuliane made in Friuli, following a heritage craft that has lasted for more than 200 years. Traditionally made without glue, these shoes are constructed exclusively with seams and finished by hand. They are resistant shoes thanks to the cotton interlining and reinforced by a high density of stitches on the sole and on the edges. The lining of the CenCeTak shoe is always in 100% silk, or for the more casual pair, in cotton.

Each pair of friuliane is unique, as a hand-made artisan product. Small imperfections confirm its manual production.


  • Upper: Brocade

  • Inner lining: 100% silk

  • Border: Black caneté

  • Sole: Rubber

  • Fit: Fitted


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