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Sona is a shoe made with a rare Indian fabric called “Kinkhwab”. A kind of ancient fabric still handcrafted today on jaquard looms, once produced exclusively for the Indian kings. Kinkhwab is woven using silk threads mixed with metallic threads. Even today they are made in a limited edition of about 8 meters per design, making this fabric unique and precious.


As with all our shoes, these too can be enriched with accessories such as Swarowsky brooches (available in the section "Accessories").


Cencetak are handcrafted shoes also called “scarpets” or “friuliane” made in Friuli Venezia Giulia, following a tradition that has lasted for more than 200 years. As in the past, these shoes are constructed without glue, exclusively  through seams and finished by hand.


The Cencetak are resistant as they are reinforced with a cotton interfabric  and a high density of stitches on the sole and on the edges. The inner lining of Cencetak shoes is always in 100% silk or for some more sporty pairs in cotton.


Each pair of "Friulane" is unique, as it is a hand-made artisan product.

Small imperfections confirm the manual production.


Upper: Kinkhwab

Lining: 100% silk

Profile: dark brown caneté

Sole: Rubber



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