About us

"The difference is the beginning of synergy" stephen r. covey



Although the first written documents date backto the 1800s, these charateristic footwear, called Friuliane or scarpets, finds its origins further back in time. Traditional Friuliane shoes, made sice its origins with a sense of ecology.  They were once made by useing recycled and reused materials (cutouts or leftovers of cloth, the so-called blecs), sewn by the skillful hands of Friulan women, who made these Friulane slippers at home and for the whole household. 

The styles used to make these charateristic shoe follow a design that has remained unchanged over the years and nevertheless contemporary. Originally these shoes were used as footwear of the festiv days by the people of Friuli Venezia Giulia then adopted also, in the eighteenth century, in Venice by the gondoliers.

The CenCeTak project (in Italian: "without heels") re-proposes this product, recovering the original idea of reuse and recycling by limiting waste and contributing to the protection of the environment.


Friends by chance. Colleagues for passion.

A company born in 2013 where, its founders are a creative couple: Tiziano Picogna fashion designer, intrapreneur and tailor Nicoletta Dileno expert in marketing and communication. The numerous experiences abroad for both brought them to love  their territory and a spark for the enhancement of and its products.

CenceTak and the territory

Cencetak shoes, proposed in a unisex style made of silk brocades, velvets and many other precious materials, marry the authentic philosophy of slow life where the product is not subordinated to:

  • the overwhelming coldness of mass production.
  • in contrast to the uniformity and flattening of globalization.
  • in supportthe diversity of the territory and enhance its tradition.

This is also why many of the creations are tailor-made even with fabrics provided by the customer in a creative and engaging exchange. Recovering "alternative" materials, CenCeTak, give new life "Upcycling" fabrics born for other uses.  CenCe Tak allways have a special touch for charm and luxury, with the use of precious fabrics enriched with exclusive crystals or handmade embroidery to personalize with initials and crests.